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customized massage therapy

nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit                                                                                                        I started my journey as a medical massage therapist almost two decades ago. I am absolutely passionate about helping and healing people. I am 100% committed to being your partner in health and feeling great.

a nourishing, vegan skin care line charged with the healing properties of crystals

100% natural products charged with the healing power of crystals.                                                          Every Cruelty Free Ashlee product has been carefully and lovingly created with results and kindness in mind. 

products and services you can feel good about

i bring over 20 years of experience in massage therapy and skin care to give you magnificent, safe, effective products and services. 

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Cruelty Free LMT By Ashlee Carter, Lmt/MA#46617



About Me

Therapeutic Massage is my calling

I am here to help. I use all of the vast and effective skills I've gained over the past 20 years and the multitude of people I have and and still have the pleasure of working with.

Why vegan skin care, you ask

From the beginning of my massage practice I could not find a massage lotion or oil that suited my needs. I feel that I am working so intimately with peoples largest organ...the skin! I could not understand why I'd want to use oils that clogged the pores, cause irritation, or use animal fats in them. My goal is to take care of my clients, not to harm them or animals in the process. So I've spent the last 17 years developing Cruelty Free Ashlee skin care. I exclusively use my Balance Body and Hand Lotion in all of my treatments. Now you can use it everyday at home too.

Crystal Healing

I believe in the healing vibrational power of crystals. So, I add them to every Cruelty Free Ashlee product to increase the love and light. I source my crystals from my beautiful friend in light, Stacy Bogg, crystal collector and owner of karmarocks.net.